Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Making Life Easier with Technology

Most individuals prefer easier tasks than those sophisticated ones. It’s probably human nature that pushes an individual to go for simple and quick rather than complex and time-consuming tasks. Of course; who would want to experience difficulties in their lives, right? Whatever kind of tasks it is that comes our way, as long as there are easier means of accomplishing it, we will definitely go for it. Humans are known to be very brilliant and intelligent when it comes to inventions. There have been so many domineering names that can be intertwined with fascinating inventions that up to this very moment, is still widely used by the public. Humans always seek for means of making things easier to do and accomplish that is why we keep on inventing and discovering things that will greatly help in improving our day to day activities. Technology is an accurate and precise example of these inventions. It is the most prominent man-made craft that greatly affected and improve the lives of many. It brought about a lot of changes in how things are done and everyone who gets to experience the benefits of technology would definitely be pleased and greatly rely on it.

Speed is one of the characteristics of technology. It enables companies to create more than a thousand products in just a short period of time. It also helps in conserving human energy when one is required to send important files or items to a different department. There are institutions like banks and hospitals that utilize a scheme known as the pneumatic system. This product of technology utilizes air that allows tubes to travel from one department to the other. This system is known to have answered the urgency of some situations. In the hospital, it allows staff nurses to send samples to the laboratory and medication requests to the pharmacy without requiring them to, personally visit these departments. It, therefore, allows them to utilize most of their time in rendering patient care and improving its quality. In transportation, humans have built trains that are run through magnets. These marvels are very popular for its speed and comfort allowing people to reach destinations in a short period of time. Other countries have also engaged in the utilization of magnetic levitation systems to help improve their transportation. People have also built gigantic bridges and tunnels allowing people to travel easily. There are numerous marvels of engineering that have greatly contributed to the improvement of the lives of people most especially businessmen. Humans have also invented robots that perform highly risky tasks like making cars and aircraft. These tasks require enough strength to be accomplished and as for the worker, the task is only to take control of the computer systems. Another prominent contribution of technology to the people is communication. Communication nowadays is already hi-tech, and it helps in breaking the barrier among nations. People are able to communicate with different types of individuals from different corners of the globe.

Technology is undeniably useful to every single industry in the world. It has greatly improved the productivity of many organizations and helped them reach new heights but there are many issues that were brought up regarding its effect on human labor. It is said to have posed a threat to many workers who fear of losing their jobs because machines are only purchased once while human labor is regularly paid. In other words, technology has started to replace humans in their usual jobs.  On the orther side of the issue complete new industries have been created in cyberspace, Google, Internet advertising revenue report, and thousands of Internet advertising and website design companies all over the world are working in cyberspace and replacing these manual labor jobs.
This is the most prominent issue regarding the utilization of the products of technological advancements but these workers should not fret because though machines are widely used nowadays, their workforce is still highly demandable. These machines are non-living things that will never function if no human is taking control. Technology, therefore, will only lessen the hassles of tasks that are difficult to accomplish and that require a greater workforce. It will also protect workers from work-related accidents like burns, falls and other morbid misfortunes. People should never consider technology as a threat but instead, treat it as a companion that helps them experience life the easiest way possible. Life is definitely worthwhile with the help of technology.